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I started this blog because I was tired of reading about horrible things happening without any valuable information on who was doing it and how to stop it.  Too many times articles are written  without naming the company the agency or the person responsible.  Not anymore, I will name names and help the reader find out all they need to know to help fix the problem and not waste time trying to figure out the who's and why's.  I'm here to help save the planet and hope you are too.  Corruption and fraud should never go unchecked

Published articles 

​Scubaverse, Emagazine, Wild World magazine, Sea Speak Sphere, DiscoverScience 2020, Pagosa Daily Post, The Good Men Project, Big Cat Rescue, Palm Oil Detectives, Straight from the Horse's Heart, Spirit of Change, All-Creatures,  Animal Advocates Wiki, The Animals Voice, Prince George's Suite magazine 


Published poetry 

Fevers of the Mind, 100 Subtexts, Animal Advocates Wiki,  All-Creatures,  All About Animals Radio & Amazon Music as spoken word with video, Spillwords

Published poetry as spoken word w/video here

'The Fuzzy Bee'

'Eagles Landing'

Published photography 

Thimble Literary Magazine

* Speeches. Testimony - video


Rally for Clean Water in Florida 2014


Testimony against drilling in ANWR 2021


Testimony about clean water at SFWMD 2015


* Interviews video  & radio All Sea Turtles issues;

Interview w/ Jeanine Molloff of PNN 2023

Interview w/Yvonne Luscombe of All About Animals Radio  2023

Interview w/Debbie Dahmer at Voices Carry for Animals 2022

Interview w/Jeff Gordon at Scubaverse 2021

Interview w/Lindsey Baker at Action Hour 2021


Interview w/Sandy Schoelles at Environmental Coffeehouse 2021 

Interview PNN news 2021

Interview PNN news 2018

Interview WPTV Palm Beach 2015

Interview PNN news 2014


Interview PNN news 2014

Interview WLRN – local NPR news 2013


Interview Aquaman 2013

* Interviews – newspapers (many different issues)

National Park Service acquiring FPL land near park 2014


More hunting in Loxahatchee refuge 2018


Shark drag killers in Florida 2017

Florida FWC removing volunteer groups saving sea turtles reported by ABC News 2021

Listing Hammerhead Sharks on ESA 2013


Sea Turtles 2014


Manatee proposed protections 2011

Banning puppy mill puppies from being sold in stores 2015

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