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My YouTube channel covers many of the same topics/issues covered on the blog

Here are some Resources to use :

Look up your Senator here

Look up your House of Representative here

List of all Federal branches of government & agencies here

Click here for a useful website about Safe Alternatives for many common products made with toxic chemicals, recall notices most govt websites don't have & information on defective products, data breaches, environmental hazards and other threats to your health and safety.  

Click here for a great website everything you need to know about Palm Oil and the destruction caused by the industry

Click here for a useful website for everything Vegan & Animal Rights - articles, events and recipes

Click here for a great website to help you shop Cruelty Free listing companies that do NOT test on animals

Click here for a great website covering Animal Issues from around the world

Click here for info about deadly commonly used pesticides, especially by farmers and gardeners. This shows the side effects and important health/danger information

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