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DEDICATED TO ALL THE UNSUNG HEROES OF ANIMAL RESCUE - a poem celebrating our effect on people

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Tonight I went to the beach

To guard a sea turtle nest

Alone in the quiet I wait and hope

This will be the night this nest hatches

Three college kids come by

Curious about what I’m doing

I tell the tale of struggle against the odds

For the sea turtle to just survive

We part as the moon disappears

Sad the nest did not hatch

Days turn to night

And time goes on

As the sun goes down

I begin the routine I started years ago

I go to the beach to guard a sea turtle nest

In the distance I see people running toward me

I had met them two weeks ago

When we sat for hours in the dark

Hoping to see an ancient miracle

Of living fossils

They were excited to tell me their tale

Of their own adventure with sea turtles

They came upon the nest

It had started to hatch

They were sure the hatchlings would go towards the water

They had no buckets or flashlights

With no one to call they were on their own

With living fossils starting their new life

The hatchlings raced toward the dune

Away from where their ocean home was

Calm and determined

They used their jackets to make a sack

A cradle of life

That held the lost hatchlings from light pollution

Gently picking them up

They saved each one from death

Releasing them into their ocean home

As the stars twinkled

They told me tonight what had happened

I felt so proud that they got it

You never really know

The effect you have on people

The seeds you plant

You hope will grow into awareness and compassion

That the drive to protect won't die with us

But will live on

With the next generation of people we have inspired

For the animals

- Staci-lee Sherwood

Also published on Fevers of the mind on April 20, 2022

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