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NEW PODCAST ! The Tule Elk need our help now!

About the show –

Coming to you from All About Animals Radio. This show will help shine a light on issues that fly under the radar and need attention as they are often ignored by the media. I like to highlight people and organizations doing great work and making a difference. The goal is to make people think, question and hopefully be inspired to act for the greater good.

Latest Podcast is

The Tule Elk need our help now!

The native Tule elk population in the Point Reyes National Seashore faces a dire threat to their existence, and conservationists are making an urgent call for assistance. For decades, these magnificent creatures have been confined within the boundaries of the National Seashore, unable to roam freely. Their very survival now hangs in the balance. Advocates argue that these animals, a symbol of American wildlife, belong to all Americans, and their habitat is maintained with taxpayers' money, giving every citizen a stake in their future.

Renowned conservationist Jack Gescheidt, founder of The Treespirit Project and a long-time advocate for Tule elk and other wildlife causes discusses the critical situation and ways individuals can make a difference. Several organizations, including In Defense of Animals, are actively campaigning to protect the Tule elk. They're urging citizens to take action by reaching out to Congressman Huffman and demanding the release of these elk into the wild.

The fate of the Tule elk now rests on the collective efforts of concerned citizens. As their habitat faces increasing threats, the call for their protection grows more urgent. Listen and learn about how you can make a difference!

Go HERE for a quick form to fill out & send to the Park Service to save the elk

Go HERE for me info about these animals

Click here to listen

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McKenna Grace Fisher
McKenna Grace Fisher
Sep 26, 2023

~ Sister thank you so much for sharing this piece ~ I have been abreast of what's happening to the Tule Elk ~ It's immoral what we are keeping them from and that is migration free and clear f human interference ~ They are dying in record numbers all because of human greed ~ Vegan For The Animals ~ mgfⓋ

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