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EAGLE'S LANDING - a poem warning about their struggle against extinction

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

The icon of American freedom

Once soared the skies

In numbers too big to count

But that is all changed now

Much of their land has been taken


By those claiming ‘progress’

But for the eagle

It just means homelessness

Their food is now scarce

Poisoned by pesticides

Or killed by development

Again because of ‘progress’

How can they survive

Against the human machine

Of self preservation

That propels us to build a world of steel

Where little else has value

How can we treat our national symbol

With such disdain

We have lost our connection

To Mother Earth

For the eagle this means a battle

Of life and death

Against an unseen enemy

That hides its true intentions

Who will win in a war of no winners

If we lose the eagle

We lose ourselves as well

We just don’t see

How our fates are intertwined

Every little eaglet

Brings hope for the future

They don’t know how bleak we have made it

Only time will tell

If we all will still have a home on Mother Earth

- Staci-lee Sherwood

Also published on Fevers of the mind on November 28, 2022

Also published on Amazon Music. Apple podcasts. Tunein & Spotify as spoken word by All About Animals Radio

**Also published as spoken word w/a great video -

Also as part of All About Animals radio their new series of animal poetry to listen click here

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