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NEW PODCAST ! Trophy hunting inside our National Parks

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

About the show –

Coming to you from All About Animals Radio this show will help shine a light on issues that fly under the radar and need attention as they are often ignored by the media. I like to highlight people and organizations doing great work and making a difference. The goal is to make people think, question and hopefully be inspired to act for the greater good.

Latest Podcast is

Trophy Hunting in US National Parks - January 4, 2023

For nearly a century our National Parks were considered the jewel of the country. The parks were suppose to be a safe haven for both animals who lived there and humans who visited. That has now changed, without public input. The park service now allows hunts, essentially trophy hunts, with outside hunters not rangers doing the killing. This goes against all that the park system was suppose to stand for. This is a dangerous trend for our public lands.

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