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Sadness for the captive Elephants - a poem to shed light on the horrors of zoo's and circuses

So much can be said about elephants held captive

Their life is suspended with no freedom to live

What can be done for elephants held in slavery

Now is the time we must call in the cavalry

Their voice has been silenced forever it seems

No longer can their little ones be able to dream

These icons are treated as a commodity

Exploiters of these creatures are the ones with an oddity

Whips and chains have become their way of life

Now is the time to end their horror and strife

As circuses with animals fall by the way side

We must end their pain and work to turn the tide

Even the monks alone in their monastery

Take part in cruelty and all its prosperity

Zoos are a place of terror that cross the line

As they teach children that cruelty is fine

Their tears and cries fall silent in the night

Darkness gives cover to those with no insight

Why do we laugh at suffering we cause

Is no one angry enough to give pause

Their spirit is broken with bullhooks and rope

By the callous brutes who lack any hope

Extinction is just around the corner

As their freedom will no longer adorn her

Can these creatures survive such odds against them

From those looking to exploit as they cause mayhem

It’s the end of the line and time to act

Stand up for elephants and make a pact

They need our voice so take a stand

Now is the time to make your demand

-- Staci-lee Sherwood

Also published on All About Animals Radio as a spoken word video

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