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THE COMEBACK KID a poem about extinction

Updated: Nov 30, 2022


Her eyes open to greet the morning

dew drops on her wings

shimmering blue sparkles

as sunlight

gently passes over

Wings stretched as she catches the wind

soaring with beauty and grace

as she takes to the sky

high above the world

free and safe

Looking for the light that guides her

the wind gently whispers

and catches her eye

as fluttering wings

dance in the breeze

Once thought to be extinct her kind had vanished

only to be rediscovered

hidden away in small pockets

hanging on

just barely

As springtime brings life anew

she finds a mate

and lays her eggs

with hope

for the next generation

The Atala butterfly has a story to tell

of life once lost then found again

their delicate balance in nature

warns of peril

we should listen

Lest we forget

how close they once came

to being gone

from this earth


-Staci-lee Sherwood

If you would like to help save the Atala Butterfly plant their host plant Coontie and if you would like to save pollinators in general :

*Never use pesticides or any chemical on your plants, flowers or lawn

*Only plant native organic non GMO plants and seeds

*Plant both their host plant (for eggs and caterpillars) and nectar flowers (for food for adult butterflies)

*Spread the word of conservation

also published on Fevers of the mind March 3, 2022

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