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Wild Horse groups push to update 1971 law which has never been enforced…why now?

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

By Staci-lee Sherwood

In 1971 the Wild Free-roaming Horses and Burros Act was passed. This was designed to guarantee all wild horses and burros living on public land freedom from any harassment from people or being sent to slaughter. It was suppose to spare nearly 50 million acres from development and keep as their unspoiled habitat. That has never happened. Over the years language in other legislation was changed in how wild horses were seen and managed.

Federal agencies like the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management started referring to them as feral and livestock, neither of which is true or accurate. Their habitat which was suppose to be a refuge has been turned into a wasteland of ‘multi use purposes’ which include everything from grazing private livestock to mining for toxic minerals. The BLM gets $150 million from taxpayers to ‘manage’ the horses. In reality this has meant brutally rounding them up and selling them into slaughter through a variety of means using livestock auctions, online only auctions, private deals with kill buyers and private owned holding facilities never open to the public. There is zero transparency or accountability.

Enter the so called advocate groups. They are advocates in name only. Over the past few years one by one all the non-profits have falsely pushed for birth control as a way to save wild horses. THIS is the big lie since it has failed to do so. There is a BIG difference between compromise and sellout and for the following groups/people they have sold out. Follow the money and look at their actions not their PR spin. They all have millions but do not buy horses or land, instead they want you to do that.

These are the main groups pushing these PZP bills:

· American Wild Horse Campaign AWHC – Suzanne Roy (Ellie Phipps Price is President but Roy is the face of the group) (877) 853-4696

· Return to Freedom RTF – Neda Demayo (805) 737-9246

· Veterans for Mustangs – Cameron Ring (540) 250-7292

· Animal Wellness Action AWA – Marty Irby, Scott Beckstead, Wayne Pacelle (including their other ‘non-profits’ Center for Humane Economy and Animal Wellness Foundation ) (202) 525-6746

· Humane Society US HSUS – Kitty Block (202) 452-1100

· American Society for Prevention Cruelty to Animals ASPCA - Matt Bershadker

(212) 876-7700

What is behind those in Congress who keep supporting these quasi conservation bills? Are they really that ignorant of the obvious truth and being manipulated, or are they willing players in the ruse to defraud American taxpayers at the behest of so called non-profits hoping to reap financial rewards with false claims of saving wild horses? The wild horses and burros of the US do need saving….as much from these non-profits exploiting them as from the government rounding them up. Why the rush to introduce not 1 not 2 but 3 nearly identical bills mandating the use of toxic drugs like PZP? The devil is in the details which includes language about jobs and contracts for the wild horse exploiters.

Look at how it’s always the same few Reps in Congress pushing these misguided bills. Touted to the unknowing public as humane conservation bills they are the opposite. The wild horse population is gravely underpopulated and the numbers put out by both the BLM and non-profits are over inflated to fit their agenda. The burro population is all but extinct at this point with majority being shipped to China for their insidious skin trade. Most horses end up in slaughterhouses.

An educated citizen is the scariest thing for politicians & government because it means they might have to actually do their job. The same can be said for unethical non-profits.

Follow the money it always shows the truth

Below are 3 new bills introduced in 2022 amending the 1971 WHB Act. There is an * by those Reps involved in multiple bills. They all call for using PZP and having the government fund the non-profits to use it. The true theme is obvious here as you read the highlighted sections.

Legislative timeline:

In February HR 6635 introduced then stalls in committee – In April HR 7631 introduced with different Reps and a focus on veterans but that stalls in committee – In October same Reps as the first bill 8 months prior try again when they introduce HR 9154 with different wording but same intent. The democrats are pushing to get this passed because they fear losing the House after elections See what’s going on?

#1. This bill tries to hide under the helicopters are bad (which they are) but cowboys are good (which they are not) theme but does not call to end roundups…..

HR 6635 - Wild Horse and Burro Protection Act of 2022 (introduced February 7, 2022)

To amend the Act commonly known as the Wild Free-roaming Horses and Burros Act to prohibit certain uses of aircraft with respect to the management of wild free-roaming horses and burros , and for other purposes


(1) humane alternatives to the use of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft in managing wild free-roaming horse and burro populations;

(2) job creation opportunities presented by the use of such humane alternatives; and


*Representative Dina Titus (202) 225-5965 Nevada, . She clearly is misguided and coached by the horse groups if she thinks cowboys are less abusive than helicopters. Same company employs pilots and wranglers and it’s the cowboy wranglers abusing the horses for as long as the horses are in their care. “Save a horse, hire a cowboy,” Rep. Dina Titus, D-Nev.


Representative Mark Pocan (202) 225-2906 Wisconsin

Representative Brad Sherman (202) 225-5911 California

Representative Diana DeGette (202) 225-4431 Colorado

Representative Deborah K. Ross (202) 225-3032 North Carolina

*Representative Joe Neguse (202) 225-2161 Colorado

Representative Madeleine Dean 202) 225-4731 Pennsylvania

Representative James A. Himes (202) 225-5541 Connecticut

*Representative Steve Cohen (202) 225-3265 Tennessee

Representative Salud O. Carbajal (202) 225-3601 California

Representative Carolyn B. Maloney 202) 225-7944 New York

Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi (202) 225-3711 Illinois

Click here to read full bill

#2. This bill tries to hide under the ‘let’s help the veterans and help ourselves get re-elected’ clause but it also fails. Those with PTSD suffer terribly. However shooting horses with drugs while pretending you’re helping does not help them. It will help the sponsor of this, Veterans for Mustangs, a non-profit formed by Hollywood ‘B’ movie director Cameron Ring who has close ties to Marty Irby and Scott Beckstead, known to have questionable ethics.

HR 7631 Veterans for Mustangs Act (introduced April 28, 2022)

To amend the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act to direct the Secretary of the Interior to implement fertility controls to manage populations of wild free-roaming horses and burros, and to encourage training opportunities for military veterans to assist in range management activities, and for other purposes.


“(A) The Secretary shall implement nonsurgical, medically safe on-range fertility controls to manage populations of wild free-roaming horses and burros. In implementing such fertility controls, the Secretary, through the Bureau of Land Management, shall prioritize the recruitment of military veterans to train and become certified in the application of fertility controls with respect to wild free-roaming horses and burros, including the certified PZP applicator certification offered by the Science and Conservation Center’s Certification Program. The Secretary shall provide appropriate compensation to military veterans participating in such a certification program. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Secretary is authorized to contract with military veterans who have completed the training program under this subparagraph to carry out management activities under this Act. Individuals contracted with pursuant to this subparagraph shall not be regarded as officers or employees of the United States on the basis of such contract.”.


Representative Lisa C. McClain (202) 225-2106 Michigan


*Representative Brian K. Fitzpatrick (202) 225-4276 Pennsylvania

Representative Maria Elvira Salazar (202) 225-3931 Florida

Representative Earl L. "Buddy" Carter (202) 225-5831 Georgia

Representative Byron Donalds (202) 225-2536 Florida

Click here to read full bill

#3. This bill tries to hide by looking like a bill cleaning up grammar and attempting to soften language about PZP and job creation but it is nearly identical to HR 6635 in intent. Another false flag for horses

HR 9154 - Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Protection Act of 2022 (introduced October 10, 2022)

To amend the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act to protect horses and burros from slaughter and ensure their humane management, and for other purposes.


(c) Powers And Duties Of Secretary.

(2) (A) In order to better manage and protect wild free-roaming horses and burros, and to achieve and maintain a thriving natural ecological balance, the Secretary shall implement the most humane, minimally invasive, scientifically proven fertility control methods, such as reversible immunocontraception vaccines, to achieve on-range management goals.

“(B) In carrying out this paragraph, the Secretary may contract with or enter into partnerships with nonprofit organizations (with preference given to veterans organizations and animal welfare or wild horse organizations trained or otherwise certified in the humane management or population control of wild horses and burros).


Representative Raúl M. Grijalva (202) 225-2435 Arizona. He should be focused on saving the Heber horses which are healthy and not destroyed by PZP. Then he would actually be saving wild horses but he has been MIA so far


Representative Steve Cohen (202) 225-3265 Tennessee (also sponsors HR 6635)

Representative Dina Titus (202) 225-5965 Nevada (also sponsors HR 6635)

Representative Brian K. Fitzpatrick (202) 225-4276 Pennsylvania (also sponsors HR 7631)

Representative Joe Neguse (202) 225-2161 Colorado (also sponsors HR 6635)

Representative David Schweikert (202) 225-2190 Arizona

Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (202) 225-8050 District of Columbia

Click here to read full bill

This poster may seem like it promotes adoption but it really promotes domestication of a wild species. The BLM gets $150 million dollars a year to protect them..…in the wild on public lands we pay for. Wildlife never needed human intervention until humans got involved in managing them. For millions of years the planet and all its species thrived when humans were not around. They had food, water, shelter and in scarce times nature took control. Once humans started killing them everything went awry.

Most of those claiming a need for funding to ‘save’ or ‘study’ a species to help them translates to ‘I get paid as long there is a species imperiled and will say anything to keep the money flowing’. There are a few good people and legitimate non-profits actually trying to undo all the damage. They are not the biggest, not the loudest and not the most famous but they are the most honest.

Contrary to the constant barrage of social media posts and email alerts about the ‘proven safety’ of using PZP many studies have shown otherwise. Many former supporters have since changed their viewpoint on its safety and needed use. The lie continues without proof the use of fertility drugs stop/slow roundups, it does not. The groups do not show proof because they can’t, it doesn’t exist. These bills are only designed to keep the gravy train going. These wild horse groups know they’ve been exposed and donations will soon dry up.

The government, proven to be corrupted and non transparent, is a great place to hide a slush fund. Easy to sell to voters, who do not research, that this is for animal welfare and veterans. Both the non-profits and politicians want to look like they’re on the right side of these groups by doing a bait and switch. They will get away with millions of your tax dollars while they destroy horses if you let them. Aside from the $20 million up for grabs this is a project all these groups will point to for future donations. They will say ‘look here we are working to save horses.’ How would you know otherwise? Take away the money and there is no incentive for these groups to stay involved. They know government won’t ask questions they too have slush funds to hide.

Click here to read the many problems with PZP and Gonacon w/links to studies

In 2017 a study was conducted and showed that after 4 doses of PZP Mares could become sterile. More proof that the PZP cartel lies when they claim it’s safe and reversible. They know all this and continue to push lies for their own monetary gain. From the Nunez study Our results also contrast with claims that PZP is ‘completely reversible’; claims upon which feral horse management decisions have been defended (BLM, 2010). Similar long-term subfertility with intense PZP treatment has been found in feral horse populations living on Assateague Island National Seashore, MD (Kirkpatrick and Turner, 2002).” This is the example American Wild Horse Campaign points to when spreading their lies. “In the Assateague study, nearly 70% of mares receiving three consecutive PZP treatments failed to demonstrate fertility for 1–4 years post-treatment (Kirkpatrick and Turner, 2002). The present study demonstrates that the intensity of treatment is also important: mares previously receiving 4+ treatments are less likely to return to fertility and exhibit decreased fidelity to the band stallion.

Click here to read more

All these bills do is keep the lie of overpopulation going, which is the excuse for the BLM and Forest Service rounding them up. When the threat of roundups is issued these self-serving non-profits swoop in, not to save horses, but merely delay the inevitable by using drugs that destroy them. Of course this is only for a few horses the rest still get rounded up and killed in foreign slaughterhouses. How will any of these bills actually save wild horses, burros and the land they were promised? Read the truth it’s stated right there for anyone to read……..

Also published on Straight from the horse's heart October 24, 2022

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