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YELLOWSTONE WOLVES a poem warning about extinction

Updated: Dec 11, 2022


The Yellowstone wolf’s future seems a bit in peril

What is it about wolves that makes sane men feral

The pups yelp for freedom in their lonely cry

Why must such innocence be fated to die

Can no one see the senselessness of life wasted

Even before truth lets maturity be tasted

The wolf is a great treasure of beauty to us all

Lest we forget how extinction exacts the fall

Must all the wolves die so the ranchers can profit

Is no one offended enough to try and stop it

Greed and fear strike a deep and embittered blow

But those of us with souls are still in the know

We must stand together and stop this mad endeavor

Because my dear friends Extinction lasts Forever

- Staci-lee Sherwood

I wrote this poem in 1999 after going out to the park to see the wolves. I spent a week out there observing the Druid pack, which no longer exists, and the Rose Creek pack. After only a couple of years the writing was on the wall as the irrational wolf hatred was out in full force having already killed one of the alpha wolves.

If you would like to help save them from extinction check out these groups :

Suzanne Asha Stone, International Wildlife Coexistence Network, (208) 861-5177;

Talasi Brooks, Western Watersheds Project, (208)336-9077;

Brooks Fahy, Predator Defense, (541) 520-6003;

Katie Bilodeau, Friends of Clearwater, (208) 882-9755;

Andrea Zaccardi, Center for Biological Diversity, (303) 854-7748;

Also published on Fevers of the mind

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1 Comment

McKenna Grace Fisher
McKenna Grace Fisher
Mar 08, 2022

~ My sister this is a beautiful poem ~ You write very well ~ I appreciate this share ~ Our Wolves must be protected as they're integral in keeping our ecosystems in check ~ mgf

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