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NEW PODCAST ! Death sentence handed to wild monkeys of Sint Maarten, can we still save them?

About the show –

Coming to you from All About Animals Radio. This show will help shine a light on issues that fly under the radar and need attention as they are often ignored by the media. I like to highlight people and organizations doing great work and making a difference. The goal is to make people think, question and hopefully be inspired to act for the greater good.

Latest Podcast is

Death sentence handed to wild monkeys of Sint Maarten, can we still save them?

The Government of Sint Maarten has decided to kill ALL their wild monkeys as a form of population control. Horrified by this policy a letter was sent to the government in March 2023 from the world’s leading primate and animal welfare organizations. The letter had 75 signatories offering their support in an effort to halt the death sentence.

Born Free USA is leading the effort to save the monkeys. The alternative proposed would be to sterilize the monkeys, at no cost to taxpayers and let the monkeys live out their lives while going extinction naturally as breeding would cease. As of today these groups are still awaiting a response and the fate of the monkeys hangs in the balance though the government seems to have started the killing already. Have a listen as Dr Missy Williams, who runs the Dania Beach Vervet Project in Florida, talks about the monkeys, false claims and how people can help.

Please take a moment to contact the Nature Foundation on the island who has refused to give out information about the monkeys

Also contact the government and ask they stop the killing and choose the humane alternative

Egbert J. Doran

Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure . You can send him a message via his Facebook page

Click here to listen

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Sep 08, 2023

~ Thank you for this piece sis ~ I will be reading ~ Vegan For The Animals ~ mgfⓋ

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